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TP-LINK TL-WN551G 54 Mbps b/g

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Card PCI TP - Link :: WN551G - working in standard 802.11 b / g, 54Mbps, Atheros, exit aerial RSMA.Use technologi Atheros Extended Range permits to use card PCI near larger distances from AP, with speed to 54Mbps at final customer. .
Card in composition of set comes in PCI TP - Link :: WN551G, aerial sticks 2 dbi, software and drivers, packaging BOX. We on device give 12 months guarantee.
The card the TP - the LINK the TL - WN 551Goparta is on chipset Atheros 5211 and the high power of radio transmitter characterizes her it levels 18dBm as well as the high agreement from different devices of standards 802.11 b as well as 802.11 accessible g on market. TL - WN 551G works with maximum even speed 54Mbps. It the exit was realized was in standard the antenna cards the RSMA ( the reversed - the polarity the SMA the male) which makes possible easy the connecting the external aerial and the considerable rise of range of working. The TL - WN 551G makes possible the using with technology the Atheros the Extended the permitting the thanks Range of very raised tenderness of radio track, on obtainment the considerably enlarged range of broadcast.
Card TP - LINK TL - WN 551G can be used in two modes of work. In mode "culminating points - this - culminating points" links oneself on principle "every from every" from different wireless cards in vicinity. In mode the "infrastructure" the configured the card of full moon the functions of customer of wireless devices to work in mode "access of culminating points". It the whole row of new techniques in card this was zaimplementowano was enabling the obtainment the ponadprzecietnej of efficiency and the speed of working. The TL - WN 551G supports the enlarging the level of safety solution and first of all: coding WEP 64, 128 and 152 bit, "Wi - Fi Protected Access" (WPA) and coding AES.

* Work in public strand 2.4 GHz, standard IEEE 802.11 g and IEEE 802.11 b
* the possibility of addition of outside aerial ( the joint the RSMA the male)
* the speed of przesyƂu of data: 54/48/36 / 24/18/12 / 9/6 / 11/5.5/3 / 2/1 / 0.5 / 0.25 Mbps (auto - negotiation)
* the quantity of channels: 13
* the maximum power of transmission: 18dBm
* coding: WPA; 64/128 / 152 BIT WEP, TKIP / AES
* range: to 300 m (in open space without direction aerial)
* work in trybiach: "ad - hoc" as well as "infrastructure"
* agreement from Atheros Extended R

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